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"Piotr Piwowarski hat sich international einen Namen als Pressefotograf gemacht und lichtete unter anderem Barack Obama und Angela Merkel ab. Mit viel Geduld und dem geschulten Blick eines Profis rückt er Mitarbeitende für Portäts ins rechte Licht und sorgt mit ausdrucksstarken Fotos von Events für bleibende Erinnerungen."

"Piotr is an award-winning photographer with over a decade of international, hands-on experience working for National Geographic, many daily and weekly Polish news publications. He never leaves the house without a camera. Piotr speaks Polish, English and works on his German skills too. He enjoys the outdoors with his wife and daughter. Most of the photos on this website are from him (excluding portraits and blog). Check out his portfolio on his website and follow him on Instagram."

Andreas Mikota 


Graduated in photography from the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Piwowarski has collaborated with ‘National Geographic’, ‘Focus Śledczy’ monthly, ‘Newsweek Polska’. His photos have been published in ‘Przekrój’, and ‘Polityka’ weeklies, ‘National Geographic’, ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily, ‘Viva!’ and ‘Gala’ magazines. Winner of awards in competitions such as BZ WBK Press Foto and Grand Press Photo. He has worked in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Germany, and Ukraine. 



In 2016 he move to Switzerland and created his own company Fotopi.

Winner of awards in competitions :

- 2013 Grand Press Photo - 2nd place for a photo reportage titled                "Wake up Poland" in the "Events" category

- 2013 BZWBK Press Foto-2nd place for a photo reportage titled                   "Olympics in London" in the „Events” category

- 2011 BZWBK Press Foto - 1st place in the "Civilization" category                and a distinction in the "Portrait" category

- 2010 BZWBK Press Foto - 2nd place in the "Civilization" category

- 2010 Grand Press Photo - 3rd place in the "Daily Life" category

- 2009 BZWBK Press Foto - 3rd place in the "Society" category

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